Thursday, December 24, 2009

NOM - Gathering Storm

This video is hard to take seriously. Its almost as if these people fear gays. I am really disturbed by this whole "separate but equal" idea going on. Havent we done that with "blacks" and women? Didnt that turn out really bad? I think we have worse things to worry about, like the staggering divorce rate and all the 20 second marriage/annulments that cheapen the meaning of marriage. I see it like this: if gays truly want to marriage, and be unhappy like the majority of the population, then by all means. LOL Anyway, what gets me the most is the whole teaching kids about gay marriage in school. I hear it all the time, but I worked for a school in California. We discussed policy with schools from all over and not one has ever heard of kids being taught this. Its an outright lie, and a ridiculous one at that...

Anyway, just my $0.02 :) if you dont like it, keep it to yourself. This is my blog, where I have the right to share my thoughts. If you want to hate on it, go elsewhere please. Ive heard the argument a million times. Try spreading your beliefs through love, not hate. Thanks. And for all of you that may enjoy this post, thanks to you as well for being awesome as usual!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I Fear the Future

I started this blog with plans to make it about me. To write about the things I care about. Lately I have been posting about makeup and Aromaleigh, which is great btw but still it is just one thing. I always talk to my husband and vent about things that bother me, or post on Facebook about something I think of. Silly me always forgets about sharing it on my blog. Perhaps out of some laziness, perhaps because I fear the strangers out there who read this will condemn me for my beliefs. Who knows? Anyway, I was just thinking about the state of our economy and national debt, and had this crazy notion I should share my thoughts here! This is a bit of a messy rant, so bear with me. This is not a polished essay, but rather me spilling my heart.

I was thinking about how our education system is failing, our health care system is faltering, and our national debt is rising. And then I thought about how millions of people still show up for sports games, and the latest movie craze. I got to thinking, why do we pay athletes and actors sooooo much? I know they work hard too, but they don't really give back (save for a few who do charity work..which is still only like 1% of the millions they have). What if we took those millions that they just piddle away on Escalades and dog fighting, mansions and cocaine, and put it into our education system? Our children are our future, right? If we paid teachers better and funded the schools then there would be no pink slips and cuts, no shortage of electives, and no reason for teachers to stop giving a damn. No excuse from kids about giving up since college isn't an option anyway. They would have confidence and drive instead. Or maybe we could feed the poor? I know, I know. Those celebrities 'earned' their money, but Id say the percentage of what they deserve is inflated. Do you know how many starving people we could feed? How many foster kids or homeless animals we could help?

So maybe I sound a bit socialist, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, but honestly I am talking strictly about careers of excess. I'm not talking about rich doctors, lawyers, business owners. I'm talking about people who kick a ball around, which many of us have fun doing for free. I'm talking about all these rappers who buy fat gold chains and even with all their money feel the need to break the law and do drugs. The football players who can buy happiness, but throw their money in on dog fighting rings. I don't care what I am branded as, I know my ideas have their flaws, but whats wrong with being an optimist? I am all for people having their riches, but I think that if our economy is in the shitter yet they can drive their Porsche and cruise on their yachts while the world collapses around us, that there is something obviously wrong.

Here is a little story for you....Before moving to Washington for the Air Force, I worked at an elementary school in California. I LOVED my job in the after school program helping kids. I didn't care about the money, it got me by. I just took so much joy in it that I would've done it for free. So many of those children have been forgotten by their parents, their teachers, and they fail and fall behind without anyone batting an eye. They say to me they don't care because they cant afford college anyway. I fear many of them will end up in prison. But doesn't anyone realize that funding education is significantly cheaper than funding the prison system?!? I helped many of them turn their grades around, renewed their spirits and hope for the future, and many of them thanked me. They said if it wasn't for me, they would have dropped out or skipped school. That they would have settled for less. It broke my heart that those feelings ever crossed their minds, but it melted my heart knowing the difference I made. But even still, despite my greatest efforts, the high school many are now attending this new school year has few electives. It has low standards for passing. They'll pass you with F's because they need your seat for the next round of kids. They are like cattle, they are just numbers. They are cutting senior projects, field trips to colleges, all because there is no money in the system. Some of these kids don't even know their multiplication tables. Its sad. And when one kid struggles, instead of helping them they just set their expectations lower. If there has been this much change since I was in school a few years ago, what will my son have?

My sons name is Kaelen. He is two years old. I fear for his future, not because of the war in the middle east, but because it is likely no one will give a damn about his education but me. He is not ready for school yet but Ive already begun to think about it. I have considered homeschooling, but even that is required to follow the standards the state gives (my sister is home schooled and I have found it to be nearly as bad as the school she went to), and still has many limitations. I have considered private school, but it is unlikely we could afford it or even find one near us. I only want what is best for him, as most parents want for their children. But we are still held back by the options we are given. And as every day passes the options seem to grow dimmer. I fear that my son may grow up in a very bleak world. Our economy is failing, our environment is poisoned, our government does not care, and wars continue to wage. What is there to offer my son? What can I do to help? These are the things I wonder every day, every hour. And silly me posts blogs about makeup. Silly me keeps my mouth shut, for fear of stepping on toes. Silly me is going to feel really bad when the stories I tell my son when he is older, is that I didn't even speak out. So that is why I write this. It is time for change. It is mostly an outlet for me to vent my fear, frustration, and grief over all of this. But if it can help one person, make one person think about it, then I have made a difference.

***Feel free to comment, I would love to hear the voice of others, but please keep it polite and respectful. I understand not all people will agree or see my point. But remember, this is my blog. It is a place for me to share my thoughts, not for you to hate on me. I put it here out of kindness, I do not push my beliefs nor judge others for their differing views. And as the old saying goes, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I hope all of you are well and staying warm this winter! Yours Truly, Ashley.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aromaleigh's New Hi-Fi Matte Collection

I've had the privilege of being sent a sample set of Aromaleigh's 20 new retro colors. Now when most of you think of matte colors, you think of simple and neutral day looks, but these colors are bright and vivid! The colors remind me a lot of my childhood, when I would draw on the driveway and sidewalks with chalk. However, it is ONLY the colors that remind me, these do not feel chalky whatsoever! My swatches are below, starting from the left: Spaz, Cranked (hint of shimmer), Got Dibs, Kookie, Supermurgatroid, Big Tickle, Flip Your Lid, Train Wreck, What's Shakin'?, Heels On Fire, In The Mix, and Fake Out.

My second photo below, which is swatched on the top of my forearm (my skin is darker here than on the photo above) includes the following(right from left this time LOL): Cats Pajamas, Real Gone, Smokin', Ankle Biter, Radioactive, Cool It, Daddy-O, and In Orbit (hint of shimmer).

I am not that experienced with makeup so I often shy away from mattes because Ive found them more difficult to work with, and some of the ones I have tried were disappointing. Because of this I usually gravitate towards shimmer. However a good matte color is always useful, even if just used as a base for adding the sparkle! I am a fan of Miss K and Aromaleigh, and have tried a couple samples of her other matte collections, but with my lack of makeup knowledge and with only one semi decent eyeshadow brush, I was lost as how to apply them well. So for awhile I gave up, even though I loved the colors she offered. But given the opportunity to be sent this new collection, I decided it would be worth another go. And I am glad I tried them, because they are gorgeous and wearable. I am not sure if the formula is the same as her previous matte collections, but I am finding these ones much easier to work with. Perhaps its because they are so darn bright and lovely, that I just cant screw it up! LOL So far I have worn Kookie and Spaz, and I really like both. I am also very fond of purples, so I cant wait to try all the of the purples that are in this collection!

I really think that this collection has a color for everyone. There are some dark yet bold colors, as well as light and bright ones. There is even a hint of sparkle/shimmer to a couple colors! They apply smoothly, and it does not take much product to get the desired look. With a good primer, they stay well. I have oily lids so worn alone I did get creasing, but that may not be an issue for everyone. This collection makes me want to go back and try out her previous matte collections to see what I was doing wrong. I am thinking I just need to invest in a better set of brushes! So would I recommend this product? Yes! If you love bright and bold then you'll enjoy these. If you love Aromaleigh, you'll enjoy these. Or if you are willing to try something new, I am betting you'll enjoy these! They are fun and perky, which is great for the dreary winter ahead. I wouldn't call them my favorites (who can really have a favorite when there are nearly 500 colors to choose from!) but I'm really glad Miss K made these rather than sticking to the normal holiday shades. You can find this collection, as well as many others, at!

Thanks again for reading. I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving (or if you dont celebrate, I hope you enjoyed the break!) and I wish you all Happy Holidays and a warm, safe winter!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Saying Goodbye to a Dear Friend

It is with great sadness that I write this post. I have not been on as much as Id like and it is mostly due to the condition of my horse Boo. A few weeks ago it started out with a drastic loss in weight, but in the past two weeks has worsened. We went out to feed one day and discovered parts...were swollen. I did not think it would get much worse (thought he just needed to be cleaned and that the swelling was due to irritation) and it was the weekend so we did not call a vet out ASAP. By that Monday the swelling had increased so we called and the vet came out about an hour later. What she saw shocked her. In her 18 years as a veterinarian she had never seen anything like it, and had only heard of it in breeding stallions (Boo is a gelding - castrated male). She gave us a poor prognosis and told us surgery would be the best choice. But on a military single income budget, we could not afford $3000 (at a minimum mind you) to have it amputated. So over the past two weeks we have been giving him antibiotics, pain killers, and trying to keep it elevated in hopes that the fluid would drain off.

Instead of getting better the tissue has turned purple, and although the swelling has dissipated some, he now has edema in his chest and along the underside of his torso. We called our vet to tell her how it is doing, and she said that even with money to spare that the outcome was grim. So after much struggle with the decision, we have decided to euthanize him. This is such a difficult decision for me to make but I know at this point it is in his best interest. If the outcome of surgery was a guarantee I would do everything in my power to raise that money. I hate that decisions of life or death come down to finances, its heartbreaking.

So this Monday, I will have to say good bye to my dear old friend Boo (registered name Premium Page). He has been a part of my family since my Sophomore year of high school (I'm 21 now). He has always been such a pain in the rear, but I love him because he makes up for it in sweetness and effort. He is awkward and pigeon toed, and dislikes his mouth touched and rarely allows me to tie him to a hitching post. But we have worked through a lot of his issues, accepted his imperfections and come to be good friends. He has even made friends with my two year old son. Boo will be greatly missed by all of us, but especially by our mare (female horse) Joey. They have been pasture buddies and friends for a couple years now. I worry that she will fall into depression (yes, that really does happen with animals!) but hopefully since she is stabled near other horses she will do okay.

Anyway, that's all for now. Not much else to say about it unless you wanted my life story with Boo :) . This is why I haven't been on much, I'm sorry. But I hope you will understand! On a better note, I have friends from Northern California coming up for Thanksgiving. It is our first big holiday in a place of our own, so I am very excited about that! I hope the rest of you have a fantastic holiday season. Keep warm, and drive safe on those wet roads!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hilarious Yet Realistic Look At Vaccines And Their Ingredients

People are beginning to show more awareness and concern for ingredients in their food, yet they blindly accept vaccinations because they are doctor (and government) recommended. But do you know what is in them? This is a humorous take on the situation. Enjoy!

Zoya Nail Polish & Besem Natural Scents

I received two highly anticipated packages in the mail today. I was hoping they would've been here yesterday but as we all know it was Veterans Day (Thank you for serving mom! Oh and you too dad, uncle O, and grandpa!) so I didn't mind waiting just one more day! Anyway, one package was from Zoya. They have water based nail polish that is free of the big nasties (aka formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, pthalates...). Its been described as long wearing and comparable in wear to traditional nail polish, but without sacrificing your health! I follow Zoya on Facebook and they recently had a promotion in celebration of their Presidents birthday. It was for a free nail polish, you just pay shipping.

I had been looking at trying Zoya out but was waiting for my wallet to fill back up after my Aromaleigh hauls, but I just could pass up this deal! So I went ahead and ordered two colors, one was free and I paid for the other color plus shipping. It came out to be just less than buying two regularly, but I saved because buying them regularly would require me to pay shipping as well (which equals about another nail polish). Overall it was worthwhile. You can find Zoya products in a few select stores, or order from I really recommend adding them on Facebook as well for their awesome promotions. Aside from the free nail polish, I was given a code today to put in an order of 3 free lip glosses!

The colors I chose are Beyonnce, and Charity. Beyonnce can be described as a coppery red with a frosty metallic finish. It is categorized with the coral family of colors. Ive only applied it to one nail so far but it went on smoothly. Its slightly sheer so I will need to add a second coat but I think that will be sufficient coverage. I have fair skin but with a warm undertone, so corals seem to work well for me. However, I haven't worn nail polish in years so it is a bit odd to see color on my nails! The second color, Charity, is a lovely lavender type purple with gold undertones. It is much more opaque than Beyonnce, but I think I will add a second coat just to smooth out any missed spots. It applied well, dried quickly, and so far hasn't smudged or been damaged like what often happens when you bump your fingers too soon after the drying stage. I really like this color, it seems a little more wearable than Beyonnce. Only time will tell though how well they stay on my fingers, but so far so good!

My only real disappointment is that the bottles are smaller than I had anticipated. I didn't look at the ounces at all when I ordered but figured the yd be at least the size of the drugstore brands. They are a bit smaller though, and have .5 ounces. The price at $7 is still reasonable considering the quality, and Ive never finished a bottle of polish in my life so I'm not too concerned about running out! ***I couldn't get any decent pictures of my nails colored, but there is a picture at the bottom of this post pertaining to my Besem order that has my thumb in it (with the color Charity). Its not too bad in the picture but its much prettier in person!

Onto my next package, my soaps from the Etsy company Besem Natural Scents! I have been wanting to get rid of all my nasty chemical-laden drugstore products and Miss K (Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup) is always talking on Facebook about her Etsy finds (as well as Zoya!) so I thought Id check the site out! It is full of homemade, hand crafted products and most are natural and eco-friendly. I'm really in love with all the companies Ive come across so far! So my first Etsy purchase I decided would be from Besem. You can find them through Etsy or at

I like Besem because they are a green family owned business. They make their own cold process soap and natural palm/beeswax candles. Their palm wax/oil is sustainably sourced (instead of destroying a fragile ecosystem) and their beeswax is from local bee farm. They use high quality fragrance oils too. They also donate 10% of their profits to orphan relief. So it was an easy decision to make for me to support their company with my business! Since I am new to their products and wasn't sure which scent Id like, I decided to try out their sample set. It comes with 6 bars of your choice, and they are each 1/4 the size of a regular bar. For a small business making their own products, the $11 price tag was very reasonable. I was also surprised with a 7th bar of sample soap in my box. I think free samples are not only exciting to receive, but a wonderful way to charm your customers and get them to try a product/scent they might not otherwise think to purchase. I also loved the handwritten note Wendy (the owner) wrote to thank me!

The 6 soaps I ordered (pictured in two separate photos above) were Pink Grapefruit, Almond Honey & Oats, Cinnamon Spice, Ultimate Travel Bar (which is good for hair, face, and body!), Sweet Anisette (smells like black licorice and contains active charcoal so its great for your face), and Lavender Harvest (also suitable for face). The freebie she included was Lemon Tea. They all smell amazing! I am excited to get in the shower and try them out! I will let you all know more as I try them all out but so far I am very pleased!

Thanks again for reading. I hope everyone has been doing well. Keep safe and warm, Ill be back soon!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Making Eyeshadow: Comparison between Aromaleigh and Lime Crime

I do not want to argue semantics, but there has been a lot of controversy over the makeup company Lime Crime. A lot of people believe she just repackages. On November 4th she released a video as a rebuttal, stating she does not. However, she still doesn't get into specifics so its difficult to tell one way or another. But whatever the truth really is, I do not buy from her mainly because of her $12 price tags when I can find hundreds more vibrant colors at! Oh and all the icky ingredients Ive noticed in LC products. Those alone make it hard to believe Doe Deere makes them herself, because so many of those ingredients are unneccesary especially when made in small loving batches.....but anyway, that all is beside the point. I'm going to post links to a video of Doe Deere making her eyeshadow, and Kristen's new video where she also makes eyeshadow.

I do not want to persuade or sway my viewers based upon my opinion, or tell them what to think. But just watch both, and you will see the difference between the two companies. Enjoy!

Lime Crime: (Note she does not allow comments)

Aromaleigh: (Allows comments)

*** Also, if you'd like to leave a comment here, please do. But DO NOT cuss, flame, accuse, defame, or leave generally rude comments because Ill be forced to delete them before they are even posted. However, I would be more than happy to see debate, constructive criticism, and thoughtful comments and/or questions!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pink Orchid Look Using Limited Edition Collection

As promised, here is my look using Aromaleigh eyeshadow from her L'Orchidee collection which was for sale again for a limited time during the end of October, but is now no longer available (the best of 2009 will be chosen from each of these limited edition collections stayed tuned!). If you like my look and want to check out the products for yourself, go to!
All I really did for this look was my eyes. I was at home for the evening so I wasnt going to get completely dolled up. So please excuse the messy hair and overall incomplete look! The above photo also came out with high contrast, I look a bit odd but I just wanted to give you the general idea. Im also wearing creampuff lip color from Aromaleigh as well. For my eyes I used the following:
seed pearl - upper/inner eye and lower eyelid
pink fingers - upper lash to brow
heart - upper and lower eyelid
showy - center of upper lid
mariposa - outer V
I also used the Indelible Gel Liner (also available at in the color Blackout, as well as my lash blast mascara. I blended the pink shadows pretty well, and my camera is pretty crummy, so in the picture you cant really make out each shade distinctly but the overall look on my eyes was really pretty, and complemented my blue eyes without clashing with my new reddish blonde hair! I cant recall if Id added purple to the crease yet, and the photo is leaving me unsure. If I did, it was from the same collection, the color jewel I believe.
And lastly is the picture of my arm with swatches of all the L'Orchidee colors. I wish they all showed up better in the photo, because all the colors are gorgeous in real life! I am attempting to name them in order but if I mess up and any of you notice, let me know!
Starting from my wrist (these are my own descriptions):
Bumblebee - Its right at the left edge of the picture. A lovely golden yellow.
Wild Coco - It came across as a silvery green to me with kind of an earthy look to it
Jewel - A very lovely purple, reminds me of Amethyst (thus the name jewel?)
Moonset - A very smokey purple with a bit of blue
Moth - A light shimmery sheer purple/grey
Orinoco - A satiny peachy pink
Pixie Cup - Similar to Moth but more of a lavendar purple
Shadow Witch - A dark, midnight smokey blue/purple with more glitter than the others
Tangleroot - A gorgeous deep earthy green
Tigrilla - A perky golden orange
Unicorn - A much softer yellow than Bubblebee
Cascade - Looks like a deep purple in baggie but came out a rich wine like red/purple
Chatterbox - An earthier purple
Cricket - A bright green (looks yellow in photo -_-), actually a very wearable gorgeous color!
Dragon - A smokey greenish purple, very layered/multi-dimensional
Seed Pearl - A great highlighter color. A very light nude with pink shimmer
Pink Fingers - A satin sheen pastel pink, looks great with my blue eyes!
Mariposa - A deep pink with a reddish tone, very wearable in crease or outer V
Heart - A rich sexy pink with a bit of gold
Showy - Just what the name implies, lots of sparkle to this lovely light pink!
Well that sums it up. I really love this collection and hope that my favorites (which Im still debating on) end up becoming permanent additions! All I have are samples, and Im pretty sure Id love to have a few in full size! Luckily Kristens samples are so generous, and I have so many, that each baggie should last me awhile! Thanks for reading! Until next time, stay safe and warm this fall. ****Id also like the extend my thoughts and support to those who were affected by the shooting today on Fort Hood, Texas . That area is no stranger to mass shootings/killings tragedy (Killeen 1991). I was also born there (both parents were Army) so I hold the area and its residents near and dear to me!
~ I was not paid for this review/endorsement of Aromaleigh products. All of it was paid for with my own money, and I just happen to love this company and want to share my joy!

Steilacoom Dog Park

Hi everyone! Sorry its been so long, there just hasn't been much to write about. I just wanted to check in. Tomorrow/later today Ill be posting an eye look using some pink colors from the Limited Edition L'Orchidee collection from

I also wanted to share with you some pictures from the dog park a couple day ago. We try to go on my husbands days off as long as its not raining. Its been in the 30s morning/night and 50s during the day with some wind, but the sun has been out so its okay! I really enjoy the dog park. It feels good to get outside and run around, and my son and dog love making new furry friends! They also just finished putting in a new bench and gazebo cover!

My dog Zippo is always so happy when he gets to go to the park. And everyone loves him and are constantly asking me about him and his baby blue (and one half brown) eyes. We adopted him about a year and a half ago at the approximate age of 6 months. Hes a real sweety, and not too jumpy as long as he gets out to play (which is why the park is great!). He passes out afterwards exhausted. We are exactly sure what mix of breeds he is, but hes cute and loving and that's good enough for us! Adopting pets is so amazing, I recommend to anyone who reads this to please do the same and save a life or two :) it'll feel good! I could go on and on about the subject but that's for a different post. Anyway, that's all for now! Thanks for reading, stay warm and safe this fall!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Join the Makeup Revolution!

Support indie mineral makeup companies that create unique, original products. Say NO to straight-up repackaged mineral makeup and pigments!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Amazing Grass - Amazing Meal

So I just tried the first of my Amazing Grass order, and I must say I am pleasantly surprised! I tried the Amazing Meal in the flavor 'Chocolate Infusion'. Amazing Meals are meant as just that, a meal. Use it to start of your day with energy, or fill in the gaps when you're hungry. It is chock full of healthy certified organic ingredients which themselves are full of vitamins and minerals. There is also beneficial bacteria like you find in yogurt, which aids in digestion. Its sweetened with Organic Cane Juice and flavored with Organic Red Dutch Cocoa. I had planned on making a shake with it but didn't have any ice cream, so I just added it to milk. My first impression upon opening the single serving packet was the smell, yum! It smelled just like you want chocolate powder to smell, although its very understated and mild compared to some other things like sugar-laden hot cocoa, etc. I also let my husband take a whiff, and he goes "Mmm, that smells tasty!"

Then I proceeded to add it to my glass of milk. It recommends approximately 10 ounces of liquid, I'm not sure how much I put but it was about half of my large red cup. I was a bit disappointed in how it mixed, there was a lot of lumpiness even after stirring. I think Ill try putting it in a shaker next time and see if that helps. Or perhaps adding more milk would help, but I like my drinks really strong so I didn't. Upon first taste I was a bit wishy-washy about how I felt. At first you get the delicious chocolate taste, but soon after it tasted a bit like grass. And the texture (because it was hard to mix) was sort of like dirt. Which, when you think about all the ingredients in it, makes total sense. But still it is a bummer! I think I often set my expectations way too high, rather than remaining neutral to begin with. It causes everything to fall short in my eyes, which is silly because nothing is perfect!

But consider the fact that they pack in all organic ingredients including wheat and barley grass, alfalfa, rice and hemp protein, rose hips, maca, Goji, carrot, flax seed powder, etc. We don't eat most of those things in our everyday food, and few of them taste great to begin with, so to be able to make them palatable is actually quite amazing! And after I sipped at it for awhile, the taste no longer bothered me. I did end up adding a scoop of Ovaltine to it since I had it in the cupboard, and that gave it a little more chocolate flavoring but it didn't make a huge difference.

It has been about a half hour now since I drank my Amazing Meal and I'm actually quite shocked. It may be coincidence but I had a headache before and now its gone! Also, I just feel good. I felt fine all day I suppose, but now I'm just like "lets go run around the block!" I'm sure part of it is just a placebo effect, but given what its made of I think the whole point is to make you feel great. In reality it may take drinking it regularly to make a real difference in my health, so we will just have to see. But overall, this is a very worthwhile product. And if it really can make a difference in health and how you feel, then a little aftertaste is worth it for what you get in return!

Id definitely recommend everyone to at least order the samples like I did, they are very affordable, and see for yourself. Its great to read peoples thoughts on stuff, but the best thing to do is research it yourself! As I try all the other product samples I bought, I will post on them and let you know what I think! Thanks again for reading. Stay healthy this fall!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just checking in!

Just wanted to let everyone know I finally received my Amazing Grass supplements, as well as the rest of my Aromaleigh order. I was going to try out the Amazing Grass this evening but I have no milk, and no blender to make a smoothie. :) Soooo I will try to take care of that problem tomorrow, and then I will post my review. I'm also on the lookout for a better camera so that I can get some more photos on here. A lot of times I slack on posting because I cant get a decent image!

I also need to try out some more eyeshadow looks and share them. I ordered samples of a few more colors, including the Le Mystere collection. They are one of a kind, unable to replicate colors that Kristen creates with the 'scraps' from creating her other collections. They are in limited supply so I thought I might try some samples and see if they are worth ordering full sizes before its too late! I also received the fragrance sample collection, indelible gel eyeliner in blackout, a free Rocks! glitter in rebelrebel. So far I'm liking the looks of everything, and have a feeling Ill be very pleased with my purchases!

The last thing I wanted to mention was that along with the usual 3 free eye shadow samples with every Aromaleigh order, I also have been receiving a free sample of a lipstick! I just wanted to express how awesome that is, and what a nice surprise. I'm not used to all this wonderful treatment from a company! Aromaleigh is really wonderful though, and one of a kind in not only its products but its customer treatment, etc. I am so glad I stumbled upon this company!

Well, that's all for now! Thanks again for reading. I hope everyone's week is going well, have fun and stay safe!

Friday, October 16, 2009

WWF - Videos - 2009 Public Service Announcements

Id like to share this video with you all. The environment and its future are very important to me. WWF - Videos - 2009 Public Service Announcements

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aromaleigh Makeup Haul

So yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon I checked the mail and there was a bunch of junk advertisements of course. But there was also a small package! At first because it was so small I thought it must be my Amazing Grass supplements (I also ordered those first, so it made sense) but it turned out to be my Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup samples, yay!!! I guess since it was all samples its pretty easy to get them all into a small package ^_^. So here's a picture of the envelope (bubble wrap padded). The itemized purchase list with free samples stapled to corner is under it, and the tissue paper wrapped samples on top.

I really, really love how they wrapped up the samples. Its so cute! Inside of the tissue paper were all the individual zip lock samples, which were in one big zip lock bag to keep them all together. So far they've made a great first impression!

What iced the cake for me was the handwritten thank you. Its thoughtful, and just goes to show you how much better small businesses are compared to corporate owned. Also, Kristen (the owner) has personally responded to comments Ive left on their Facebook. She is very much involved! Plus to top it all off they have amazing sales, free samples with EVERY order, and customer incentives. So not only are you getting a great product, you are getting it at a reasonable price, as well as being rewarded by them for no other reason than to say, "thank you for being a customer!" If I made a checklist of all the features I look for in a company or in makeup, they nearly fulfill them all!

This last picture is of all my samples laid out. I have them in piles based on the collection they are from, and their use. The upper left corner are the lipstick samples, the center right are foundation, and the rest are basically eyeshadow. There are also a few blush, a night repair mineral, a foundation primer, and a mineral glow. As I use them I will add pictures as well as naming each product individually! So keep checking in as I add more!

Thanks again for reading! Have a great week, stay safe, and come back soon!

*I was not paid for this review, nor were the products free. I bought them with my own money for my own personal use and enjoyment. I blog about them so that I may share the joy and/or dismay I have in the product.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Maris Farms Pumpkin Patch & Cornmaze!

So this last Saturday my hubby, son, and I were able to get out to Maris Farms ( near Buckley, WA. Ive been waiting for pumpkin patches and corn mazes to open up for the season, and when a friend invited us to go I jumped at the opportunity! We all had fun but I think my son had the most fun! There were little tractors he could ride himself, farm animals to see (definitely a favorite...he misses my moms farm back in California), TONS of pumpkins to choose from, great food, a giant bounce mat, tube slide, etc.

I had been to a farm similar to this back in California but at Maris we got a lot more for our money I think, and it was so beautiful out there with the rolling fields and fall colors! The corn maze was really neat because they gave you questions, and if you knew the right answer it helped guide you through. Its definitely worth going especially if you have children and/or a group to go with.

Only disappointment was how early they closed. At Hawes Ranch in California, it was opened until at least 10pm, so we always went late to do the corn maze in the dark! Anyway that's about all I did this weekend worth noting. Hubby works 12hr night shifts including weekends so I spend a lot of time home because he is sleeping and then wants to just relax before work. Hopefully tomorrow we will get out and get some things done. On another note, I should be posting soon about the goodies I'm waiting for! So until then have fun, be safe, and thanks for reading!

*I was NOT paid to review Maris Farms, nor did I get in free in exchange for advertisements. I paid with my own personal money, and just wanted to share my experience with my readers!

Friday, October 9, 2009

What Ive been up to & review soon to come!

I haven't posted in a few days. I wouldn't say Ive been busy exactly, just not up at the right time or in the right mood. My husband had finally finished his on the job training for his Air Force job and has been switched to nights/12hr shifts. Huge change in our habits! We are slowing adjusting and at least they make up for it by giving more days off as well as time off on weekdays which is when we've needed it the most! Currently do to our move we have become a one vehicle family so getting anything done while he is working during the week has been now we are able to! Yay!

On another note today I was busy busy! I was watching a friends daughter (5 months younger than my son) while she and her hubby were at the hospital. She is due with their second child soon and has been having complications. But they sent her home this evening and shes doing okay. Hopefully she can get a closer to full term before he decides to come out! I really enjoyed watching her daughter, and my son enjoyed finally having a friend of similar age. And shes such a well behaved, adorable little girl!

Anyway, just to wrap this up so I can sleep...I just wanted to let you know Ill be doing a couple reviews on some products Ill be trying. To comply with FTC I just wanna let y'all know I am NOT getting paid for this, NOR were the products free. I purchased samples with my (hubbies) hard earned money!

The first is Amazing Grass. This company makes nutritional health products mostly in powder forms to be added to smoothies/shakes. Ive heard about them before and was impressed by what people had to say so I wanted to see for myself! I bought a sample of their Superfood, Kidz Superfood, Wheat grass, and a few other things. I'm very excited to taste test and see health wise what they might do for my family and I.

The second is Aromaleigh Cosmetics. This company is owned/run by a lovely lady named Kristen and a small handful of ladies (and a couple gentleman Ive noticed!) The majority of their makeup is mineral, and it has some of the purist ingredients Ive seen in a makeup company. She responds to customers personally and is very much involved with the creation process. I'm ecstatic about this purchase and cant wait to try out the eye shadows, foundation, and lipstick samples! Its been a long time since Ive experimented with makeup and I cant wait to get back into it. Ill post lots of photos and if I can muster up the courage, Ill eventually do a video too!

Well that's all for now, I babbled on long enough already. I hope everyone enjoys the coming weekend! And thanks again for reading!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tattoos - A Personal Decision

I wanted to express with all of you my thoughts on tattoos, as well as my personal experiance with them. Each person has the right to their own opinion, and to choose whether or not a tattoo is for them. It is a very personal decision. And those that have chosen to go ahead with a tattoo (or two, or three!) have every right to do it without ridicule from those who have chosen against it.

To me a tattoo is something that takes a lot of forethought. To make the decision hastily could result in anger, resentment, guilt, or regret. Tattoos are for the most part permanent, and they often times affect your career/job and even your social/love life. So time should be taken to decide what you want, and where you want it.

For me the decision was easy, I definetly wanted a tattoo. But where? I wasnt sure. And what, who knows! I mulled over the idea for years, until December 2008, when I finally made the leap and lost my tattoo virginity! And I couldnt be happier! My artist Matt Wood (of Nathans Anthems***) was amazing. I went in with a picture and some words, and he turned it into a masterpiece. I have never regretted the decision, but I also took TONS of time choosing where I wanted it done too, and made the investment. A lot of people think having a friend do it for cheap is the way to go, but I have seen several that ended up with staff infections and serious scarring. So do your research and use common sense. If your gut feeling says no to a person or place, then leave, you dont need an excuse and no one will blame you.

Now Im sure Ive got you all curious and wondering what my tattoo is of. So here it is!

This photo was taken a day or two afterwards I believe, its still a bit pink. It stung just a bit afterwards but didnt really bother me at all (unlike my husband who whined about his for days) and amazingly the whole process was fairly painless, just uncomfortable and time consuming. Funny enough, it actual tickled a bit as he first started the tattoo. I was so afraid of it hurting, but to quote my artist, "Youve had a baby right?! Then this will be easy!"

The footprint is my sons, the one taken at the hospital when he was born. The words read, "My life changed because of you." Then his name, Kaelen (not Kaden as a friend had mistaken), and his birthday. I brought Matt the footprint and the sentence, but he designed the shape/script and he helped me decide the best place to put it. We chose my lower left back/hip area. After having my son I knew I wanted some sort of dedication to him via a tattoo, and this turned out perfect. Unlike a husband, I think its impossible to regret your childs name. No matter how life turns out or what trouble he may get into, I could never stop loving him.

The only person that voiced any objection to my tattoo was my mother, and not for the obvious reason. In fact, her concern was that if I have six more kids, Ill have no room for a tattoo of all their feet. Im not sure where she got the idea Id have six more kids, but if it turns out to be true I have a feeling Id be stretched out and big enough to make room for them! So anyway, thats my only tattoo for now. I love it, its so unique and special to me. Thanks for reading this, and feel free to share your stories with me. Id love to hear about your experiances! And if you are interested in the shop I went to, keep reading!

Oh and if youre wondering how accurate the footprint was to the real deal, look below!

***Nathans Anthems is in Downtown Redding, California. They do custom work as well as piercings, have incredibly high standards, and their certifications go above and beyond the industry standard. If you are in Northern California you should stop by, my tattoo is even in Matts portfolio!

Beauty Reviews

I have had the privilege of discovering many useful tips and ideas through various blogs as well as YouTube videos, but one downside is you have to keep track of or subscribe to multiple people and when you are curious about a specific product there really isn't any way of searching for it that way. And even if there is, one person is less likely to list such a diverse amount of products. So whats a girl to do?!

Go to

It lists TONS of different companies and products and you can do a personal review and/or rating, or just check out other what other people think. It allows you to search for products as well so when you see a commercial and go "gee, that looks great, but is it really?" then you can quickly log on to Total Beauty and find out what hundreds of other ladies all over the place think. Very useful, and it has saved me from making what would have been several regrettable purchases!

I must say though, reading in-depth blogs and watching how well products do or don't work is so invaluable. I must commend those ladies (and guys!) who bust their butts keeping up with blogs and vlogs and beauty hauls. You save so many of us the trouble, and the money. Honestly, you all have made such a difference in my life. And I know that sounds corny, but its true!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Whats up with companies and their 'line' of green products?

So here I am, watching a commercial, when one comes on talking about their sulfate-free line of shampoo/conditioner (Pantene I think). If it is so good for you, then why not make the collections you already have sulfate free? It doesn't necessarily mean the formula would be any less effective! Then another talking about how some face washes leave a residue but this new one of theirs doesn't (Olay? lol I should have written these down!). Okay gross, so although you were trying to make other companies look bad, you instead made a mockery of yourself...seeing as all the rest of your products are likely to be formulated quite similar to other companies. So how about giving all your products the 'deep clean' advantage? And then there was the Campbell's commercial with their new line of natural soups....why not nix the nasties you mention out of ALL your soups? So what gives?!

Why cant a company revamp their ENTIRE collection of products, reformulate to be more user and environmentally friendly? Yes yes, I know. Its costly and complicated to switch, but isn't it worth it? And look at all these companies that have been green and friendly all along, and their profits are through the roof! So you would think that it would behoove them to do so. But nooooo. If they could convince me these product lines were just the beginning of a complete company eco-overhaul, then I might humor them.

Until then I shall make my own soups and whip up my own beauty recipes (Ill blog on these later if you re interested!); and seek out companies that are not only greener, but hire more intelligent marketing staff!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Green Home - Beeswax Globe Candle - Carved Seasonal

Green Home - Beeswax Globe Candle - Carved Seasonal

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Leavenworth, Washington

I was up early and thought Id share this intriguing find!

As I adjust to Washington state, I continue my search for new places to explore. Thinking about this Fall and how it will be my first away from relatives, I'm trying to find fun activities for my husband, son, and I to enjoy. And then I saw an ad for a city brimming with a captivating history, Leavenworth! It is approximately 2.5 hours away from Seattle to the Northeast, set in a valley with gorgeous views of the mountains. Exceptionally sunny summers (compared to the rest of Washington) and stunningly snowy winters. And on top of that, it has a whimsical Bavarian theme along with the Alpine backdrop, making it the perfect tourist getaway without going too far from home!

There are many festivals throughout the year, and from the pictures I have seen their Christmas lights display is awe-inspiring! If you are a fellow Washingtonian, or have the opportunity to travel, I suggest checking this lovely hamlet out! Its positively charming and I really do hope to make a weekend trip of it this Fall/Winter.

The tourism website is


Friday, September 25, 2009

Life is about the journey, not just the destination!

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley. This is my first (non-Myspace) blog, so bear with me as I fumble and relearn the lost art of writing and expression through words, rediscover myself, explore new ideas, vent, ramble, etc. I intend to update at least weekly, but hope eventually to treat this more as a public journal and write daily!

I would like to begin with a basic introduction and then follow it up with a general rant/explanation of who I am and whats currently going on in my life. In the near future I will branch out to cover many topics. From health, exercise, fashion, and entertainment to gardening, pets, and Eco-friendly topics. Id even like to talk some about parenting and being a military wife, and maybe a little neutral religion and politics. I'm not sure where the future will take me, so as time goes on I expect for this blog to take on many faces. Basically, this is just my life blog!

So here it goes....I was born in Texas in 1988 to both a mother and father serving in the US Army. Shortly after both my parents left the the military they divorced and I grew up with my mom as my custodial parent, but visited my dad for a month every summer. I have lived in Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Southern AND Northern California, and now Washington. I am the wife of an Airmen First Class (who is two months my junior) in the United States Air Force, and the mother to a little boy born in 2007.

I am currently a SAHM (stay at home mom) due to our new military lifestyle, but have worked for a movie theater, a veterinary clinic, and an elementary school. I attended a junior college in California for my transfer prerequisites and would like to soon start up at a junior college here in Washington, and eventually go for my Bachelors in Animal Science at a university.

I care deeply for the environment and animals, and am working towards being more 'green' and Eco-friendly. Currently I am a pet parent to a lovely cat named Duchess, a goofy dog named Zippo, as well as a crazy little rat. All of them have been adopted, and that will always be how I bring new pets into my life. I also have two horses and, although I have no professional training, am a fairly decent rider!

So yeah, that's me in a nutshell, a little bit of everything! If any of you ever want to know a little more about me feel free to ask. Or if you have a specific topic you might like my opinion on, just let me know! Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read all of this, Id appreciate your feedback!