Friday, October 9, 2009

What Ive been up to & review soon to come!

I haven't posted in a few days. I wouldn't say Ive been busy exactly, just not up at the right time or in the right mood. My husband had finally finished his on the job training for his Air Force job and has been switched to nights/12hr shifts. Huge change in our habits! We are slowing adjusting and at least they make up for it by giving more days off as well as time off on weekdays which is when we've needed it the most! Currently do to our move we have become a one vehicle family so getting anything done while he is working during the week has been now we are able to! Yay!

On another note today I was busy busy! I was watching a friends daughter (5 months younger than my son) while she and her hubby were at the hospital. She is due with their second child soon and has been having complications. But they sent her home this evening and shes doing okay. Hopefully she can get a closer to full term before he decides to come out! I really enjoyed watching her daughter, and my son enjoyed finally having a friend of similar age. And shes such a well behaved, adorable little girl!

Anyway, just to wrap this up so I can sleep...I just wanted to let you know Ill be doing a couple reviews on some products Ill be trying. To comply with FTC I just wanna let y'all know I am NOT getting paid for this, NOR were the products free. I purchased samples with my (hubbies) hard earned money!

The first is Amazing Grass. This company makes nutritional health products mostly in powder forms to be added to smoothies/shakes. Ive heard about them before and was impressed by what people had to say so I wanted to see for myself! I bought a sample of their Superfood, Kidz Superfood, Wheat grass, and a few other things. I'm very excited to taste test and see health wise what they might do for my family and I.

The second is Aromaleigh Cosmetics. This company is owned/run by a lovely lady named Kristen and a small handful of ladies (and a couple gentleman Ive noticed!) The majority of their makeup is mineral, and it has some of the purist ingredients Ive seen in a makeup company. She responds to customers personally and is very much involved with the creation process. I'm ecstatic about this purchase and cant wait to try out the eye shadows, foundation, and lipstick samples! Its been a long time since Ive experimented with makeup and I cant wait to get back into it. Ill post lots of photos and if I can muster up the courage, Ill eventually do a video too!

Well that's all for now, I babbled on long enough already. I hope everyone enjoys the coming weekend! And thanks again for reading!

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