Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just checking in!

Just wanted to let everyone know I finally received my Amazing Grass supplements, as well as the rest of my Aromaleigh order. I was going to try out the Amazing Grass this evening but I have no milk, and no blender to make a smoothie. :) Soooo I will try to take care of that problem tomorrow, and then I will post my review. I'm also on the lookout for a better camera so that I can get some more photos on here. A lot of times I slack on posting because I cant get a decent image!

I also need to try out some more eyeshadow looks and share them. I ordered samples of a few more colors, including the Le Mystere collection. They are one of a kind, unable to replicate colors that Kristen creates with the 'scraps' from creating her other collections. They are in limited supply so I thought I might try some samples and see if they are worth ordering full sizes before its too late! I also received the fragrance sample collection, indelible gel eyeliner in blackout, a free Rocks! glitter in rebelrebel. So far I'm liking the looks of everything, and have a feeling Ill be very pleased with my purchases!

The last thing I wanted to mention was that along with the usual 3 free eye shadow samples with every Aromaleigh order, I also have been receiving a free sample of a lipstick! I just wanted to express how awesome that is, and what a nice surprise. I'm not used to all this wonderful treatment from a company! Aromaleigh is really wonderful though, and one of a kind in not only its products but its customer treatment, etc. I am so glad I stumbled upon this company!

Well, that's all for now! Thanks again for reading. I hope everyone's week is going well, have fun and stay safe!

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