Saturday, September 26, 2009

Leavenworth, Washington

I was up early and thought Id share this intriguing find!

As I adjust to Washington state, I continue my search for new places to explore. Thinking about this Fall and how it will be my first away from relatives, I'm trying to find fun activities for my husband, son, and I to enjoy. And then I saw an ad for a city brimming with a captivating history, Leavenworth! It is approximately 2.5 hours away from Seattle to the Northeast, set in a valley with gorgeous views of the mountains. Exceptionally sunny summers (compared to the rest of Washington) and stunningly snowy winters. And on top of that, it has a whimsical Bavarian theme along with the Alpine backdrop, making it the perfect tourist getaway without going too far from home!

There are many festivals throughout the year, and from the pictures I have seen their Christmas lights display is awe-inspiring! If you are a fellow Washingtonian, or have the opportunity to travel, I suggest checking this lovely hamlet out! Its positively charming and I really do hope to make a weekend trip of it this Fall/Winter.

The tourism website is


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