Sunday, September 27, 2009

Whats up with companies and their 'line' of green products?

So here I am, watching a commercial, when one comes on talking about their sulfate-free line of shampoo/conditioner (Pantene I think). If it is so good for you, then why not make the collections you already have sulfate free? It doesn't necessarily mean the formula would be any less effective! Then another talking about how some face washes leave a residue but this new one of theirs doesn't (Olay? lol I should have written these down!). Okay gross, so although you were trying to make other companies look bad, you instead made a mockery of yourself...seeing as all the rest of your products are likely to be formulated quite similar to other companies. So how about giving all your products the 'deep clean' advantage? And then there was the Campbell's commercial with their new line of natural soups....why not nix the nasties you mention out of ALL your soups? So what gives?!

Why cant a company revamp their ENTIRE collection of products, reformulate to be more user and environmentally friendly? Yes yes, I know. Its costly and complicated to switch, but isn't it worth it? And look at all these companies that have been green and friendly all along, and their profits are through the roof! So you would think that it would behoove them to do so. But nooooo. If they could convince me these product lines were just the beginning of a complete company eco-overhaul, then I might humor them.

Until then I shall make my own soups and whip up my own beauty recipes (Ill blog on these later if you re interested!); and seek out companies that are not only greener, but hire more intelligent marketing staff!

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