Monday, October 12, 2009

Maris Farms Pumpkin Patch & Cornmaze!

So this last Saturday my hubby, son, and I were able to get out to Maris Farms ( near Buckley, WA. Ive been waiting for pumpkin patches and corn mazes to open up for the season, and when a friend invited us to go I jumped at the opportunity! We all had fun but I think my son had the most fun! There were little tractors he could ride himself, farm animals to see (definitely a favorite...he misses my moms farm back in California), TONS of pumpkins to choose from, great food, a giant bounce mat, tube slide, etc.

I had been to a farm similar to this back in California but at Maris we got a lot more for our money I think, and it was so beautiful out there with the rolling fields and fall colors! The corn maze was really neat because they gave you questions, and if you knew the right answer it helped guide you through. Its definitely worth going especially if you have children and/or a group to go with.

Only disappointment was how early they closed. At Hawes Ranch in California, it was opened until at least 10pm, so we always went late to do the corn maze in the dark! Anyway that's about all I did this weekend worth noting. Hubby works 12hr night shifts including weekends so I spend a lot of time home because he is sleeping and then wants to just relax before work. Hopefully tomorrow we will get out and get some things done. On another note, I should be posting soon about the goodies I'm waiting for! So until then have fun, be safe, and thanks for reading!

*I was NOT paid to review Maris Farms, nor did I get in free in exchange for advertisements. I paid with my own personal money, and just wanted to share my experience with my readers!


  1. Great photos! I look forward to our local corn maze/pumpkin patch every year.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your happy experiences at our farm with your family, friends and followers! We love hearing that people had an enjoyable experience, and we hope that youll come back again this year!

    Maris Farms


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