Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pink Orchid Look Using Limited Edition Collection

As promised, here is my look using Aromaleigh eyeshadow from her L'Orchidee collection which was for sale again for a limited time during the end of October, but is now no longer available (the best of 2009 will be chosen from each of these limited edition collections stayed tuned!). If you like my look and want to check out the products for yourself, go to!
All I really did for this look was my eyes. I was at home for the evening so I wasnt going to get completely dolled up. So please excuse the messy hair and overall incomplete look! The above photo also came out with high contrast, I look a bit odd but I just wanted to give you the general idea. Im also wearing creampuff lip color from Aromaleigh as well. For my eyes I used the following:
seed pearl - upper/inner eye and lower eyelid
pink fingers - upper lash to brow
heart - upper and lower eyelid
showy - center of upper lid
mariposa - outer V
I also used the Indelible Gel Liner (also available at in the color Blackout, as well as my lash blast mascara. I blended the pink shadows pretty well, and my camera is pretty crummy, so in the picture you cant really make out each shade distinctly but the overall look on my eyes was really pretty, and complemented my blue eyes without clashing with my new reddish blonde hair! I cant recall if Id added purple to the crease yet, and the photo is leaving me unsure. If I did, it was from the same collection, the color jewel I believe.
And lastly is the picture of my arm with swatches of all the L'Orchidee colors. I wish they all showed up better in the photo, because all the colors are gorgeous in real life! I am attempting to name them in order but if I mess up and any of you notice, let me know!
Starting from my wrist (these are my own descriptions):
Bumblebee - Its right at the left edge of the picture. A lovely golden yellow.
Wild Coco - It came across as a silvery green to me with kind of an earthy look to it
Jewel - A very lovely purple, reminds me of Amethyst (thus the name jewel?)
Moonset - A very smokey purple with a bit of blue
Moth - A light shimmery sheer purple/grey
Orinoco - A satiny peachy pink
Pixie Cup - Similar to Moth but more of a lavendar purple
Shadow Witch - A dark, midnight smokey blue/purple with more glitter than the others
Tangleroot - A gorgeous deep earthy green
Tigrilla - A perky golden orange
Unicorn - A much softer yellow than Bubblebee
Cascade - Looks like a deep purple in baggie but came out a rich wine like red/purple
Chatterbox - An earthier purple
Cricket - A bright green (looks yellow in photo -_-), actually a very wearable gorgeous color!
Dragon - A smokey greenish purple, very layered/multi-dimensional
Seed Pearl - A great highlighter color. A very light nude with pink shimmer
Pink Fingers - A satin sheen pastel pink, looks great with my blue eyes!
Mariposa - A deep pink with a reddish tone, very wearable in crease or outer V
Heart - A rich sexy pink with a bit of gold
Showy - Just what the name implies, lots of sparkle to this lovely light pink!
Well that sums it up. I really love this collection and hope that my favorites (which Im still debating on) end up becoming permanent additions! All I have are samples, and Im pretty sure Id love to have a few in full size! Luckily Kristens samples are so generous, and I have so many, that each baggie should last me awhile! Thanks for reading! Until next time, stay safe and warm this fall. ****Id also like the extend my thoughts and support to those who were affected by the shooting today on Fort Hood, Texas . That area is no stranger to mass shootings/killings tragedy (Killeen 1991). I was also born there (both parents were Army) so I hold the area and its residents near and dear to me!
~ I was not paid for this review/endorsement of Aromaleigh products. All of it was paid for with my own money, and I just happen to love this company and want to share my joy!

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