Friday, October 23, 2009

Amazing Grass - Amazing Meal

So I just tried the first of my Amazing Grass order, and I must say I am pleasantly surprised! I tried the Amazing Meal in the flavor 'Chocolate Infusion'. Amazing Meals are meant as just that, a meal. Use it to start of your day with energy, or fill in the gaps when you're hungry. It is chock full of healthy certified organic ingredients which themselves are full of vitamins and minerals. There is also beneficial bacteria like you find in yogurt, which aids in digestion. Its sweetened with Organic Cane Juice and flavored with Organic Red Dutch Cocoa. I had planned on making a shake with it but didn't have any ice cream, so I just added it to milk. My first impression upon opening the single serving packet was the smell, yum! It smelled just like you want chocolate powder to smell, although its very understated and mild compared to some other things like sugar-laden hot cocoa, etc. I also let my husband take a whiff, and he goes "Mmm, that smells tasty!"

Then I proceeded to add it to my glass of milk. It recommends approximately 10 ounces of liquid, I'm not sure how much I put but it was about half of my large red cup. I was a bit disappointed in how it mixed, there was a lot of lumpiness even after stirring. I think Ill try putting it in a shaker next time and see if that helps. Or perhaps adding more milk would help, but I like my drinks really strong so I didn't. Upon first taste I was a bit wishy-washy about how I felt. At first you get the delicious chocolate taste, but soon after it tasted a bit like grass. And the texture (because it was hard to mix) was sort of like dirt. Which, when you think about all the ingredients in it, makes total sense. But still it is a bummer! I think I often set my expectations way too high, rather than remaining neutral to begin with. It causes everything to fall short in my eyes, which is silly because nothing is perfect!

But consider the fact that they pack in all organic ingredients including wheat and barley grass, alfalfa, rice and hemp protein, rose hips, maca, Goji, carrot, flax seed powder, etc. We don't eat most of those things in our everyday food, and few of them taste great to begin with, so to be able to make them palatable is actually quite amazing! And after I sipped at it for awhile, the taste no longer bothered me. I did end up adding a scoop of Ovaltine to it since I had it in the cupboard, and that gave it a little more chocolate flavoring but it didn't make a huge difference.

It has been about a half hour now since I drank my Amazing Meal and I'm actually quite shocked. It may be coincidence but I had a headache before and now its gone! Also, I just feel good. I felt fine all day I suppose, but now I'm just like "lets go run around the block!" I'm sure part of it is just a placebo effect, but given what its made of I think the whole point is to make you feel great. In reality it may take drinking it regularly to make a real difference in my health, so we will just have to see. But overall, this is a very worthwhile product. And if it really can make a difference in health and how you feel, then a little aftertaste is worth it for what you get in return!

Id definitely recommend everyone to at least order the samples like I did, they are very affordable, and see for yourself. Its great to read peoples thoughts on stuff, but the best thing to do is research it yourself! As I try all the other product samples I bought, I will post on them and let you know what I think! Thanks again for reading. Stay healthy this fall!

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