Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aromaleigh Makeup Haul

So yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon I checked the mail and there was a bunch of junk advertisements of course. But there was also a small package! At first because it was so small I thought it must be my Amazing Grass supplements (I also ordered those first, so it made sense) but it turned out to be my Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup samples, yay!!! I guess since it was all samples its pretty easy to get them all into a small package ^_^. So here's a picture of the envelope (bubble wrap padded). The itemized purchase list with free samples stapled to corner is under it, and the tissue paper wrapped samples on top.

I really, really love how they wrapped up the samples. Its so cute! Inside of the tissue paper were all the individual zip lock samples, which were in one big zip lock bag to keep them all together. So far they've made a great first impression!

What iced the cake for me was the handwritten thank you. Its thoughtful, and just goes to show you how much better small businesses are compared to corporate owned. Also, Kristen (the owner) has personally responded to comments Ive left on their Facebook. She is very much involved! Plus to top it all off they have amazing sales, free samples with EVERY order, and customer incentives. So not only are you getting a great product, you are getting it at a reasonable price, as well as being rewarded by them for no other reason than to say, "thank you for being a customer!" If I made a checklist of all the features I look for in a company or in makeup, they nearly fulfill them all!

This last picture is of all my samples laid out. I have them in piles based on the collection they are from, and their use. The upper left corner are the lipstick samples, the center right are foundation, and the rest are basically eyeshadow. There are also a few blush, a night repair mineral, a foundation primer, and a mineral glow. As I use them I will add pictures as well as naming each product individually! So keep checking in as I add more!

Thanks again for reading! Have a great week, stay safe, and come back soon!

*I was not paid for this review, nor were the products free. I bought them with my own money for my own personal use and enjoyment. I blog about them so that I may share the joy and/or dismay I have in the product.


  1. Isn't Aromaleigh great? Kristen really goes out of her way to make each customer feel special and appreciated. I can't wait to hear what you think of your new goodies.

  2. Hey, congrats! Flowersofromance is an amazing, complex color. It is a "warm" pink, I think (at least it isn't totally cool). And umber is great as an eyeliner, or brow powder (if you have dark brows). I mixed umber with the silk powder (but you could use any whitish shadow) to lighten it up a bit and ended up with three different shades of neutral brown! Here is a link to the pic of umber mixtures...I labeled things weirdly, so read down each column, RIGHT to left. (Go down the post a bit).

    Can't figure out now why I labeled things that way!

  3. Tally - thanks for the link, I really like warm neutrals but Ive been having a lot of fun with the more intense colors too. Seeing everyones pictures really inspires me!

    ...and thanks for following me on here! Im starting off kinda slow but I should be picking up the pace soon! Having more followers, especially you awesome ALA ladies, really encourages me to keep going!

  4. Hi, found your blog via Aromaleigh's FB and look at those samples! That's a lot more than what it would seem and quite a bit! I'm finding that Aromaleigh is top notch and your post was great! Thank you!

  5. TianneMarie,

    How funny! I found your blog the same way :) Thanks so much for taking the time to look at mine. I am really loving Aromaleigh too. Its definetly breaking me out of my boring makeup habits!


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