Thursday, November 12, 2009

Zoya Nail Polish & Besem Natural Scents

I received two highly anticipated packages in the mail today. I was hoping they would've been here yesterday but as we all know it was Veterans Day (Thank you for serving mom! Oh and you too dad, uncle O, and grandpa!) so I didn't mind waiting just one more day! Anyway, one package was from Zoya. They have water based nail polish that is free of the big nasties (aka formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, pthalates...). Its been described as long wearing and comparable in wear to traditional nail polish, but without sacrificing your health! I follow Zoya on Facebook and they recently had a promotion in celebration of their Presidents birthday. It was for a free nail polish, you just pay shipping.

I had been looking at trying Zoya out but was waiting for my wallet to fill back up after my Aromaleigh hauls, but I just could pass up this deal! So I went ahead and ordered two colors, one was free and I paid for the other color plus shipping. It came out to be just less than buying two regularly, but I saved because buying them regularly would require me to pay shipping as well (which equals about another nail polish). Overall it was worthwhile. You can find Zoya products in a few select stores, or order from I really recommend adding them on Facebook as well for their awesome promotions. Aside from the free nail polish, I was given a code today to put in an order of 3 free lip glosses!

The colors I chose are Beyonnce, and Charity. Beyonnce can be described as a coppery red with a frosty metallic finish. It is categorized with the coral family of colors. Ive only applied it to one nail so far but it went on smoothly. Its slightly sheer so I will need to add a second coat but I think that will be sufficient coverage. I have fair skin but with a warm undertone, so corals seem to work well for me. However, I haven't worn nail polish in years so it is a bit odd to see color on my nails! The second color, Charity, is a lovely lavender type purple with gold undertones. It is much more opaque than Beyonnce, but I think I will add a second coat just to smooth out any missed spots. It applied well, dried quickly, and so far hasn't smudged or been damaged like what often happens when you bump your fingers too soon after the drying stage. I really like this color, it seems a little more wearable than Beyonnce. Only time will tell though how well they stay on my fingers, but so far so good!

My only real disappointment is that the bottles are smaller than I had anticipated. I didn't look at the ounces at all when I ordered but figured the yd be at least the size of the drugstore brands. They are a bit smaller though, and have .5 ounces. The price at $7 is still reasonable considering the quality, and Ive never finished a bottle of polish in my life so I'm not too concerned about running out! ***I couldn't get any decent pictures of my nails colored, but there is a picture at the bottom of this post pertaining to my Besem order that has my thumb in it (with the color Charity). Its not too bad in the picture but its much prettier in person!

Onto my next package, my soaps from the Etsy company Besem Natural Scents! I have been wanting to get rid of all my nasty chemical-laden drugstore products and Miss K (Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup) is always talking on Facebook about her Etsy finds (as well as Zoya!) so I thought Id check the site out! It is full of homemade, hand crafted products and most are natural and eco-friendly. I'm really in love with all the companies Ive come across so far! So my first Etsy purchase I decided would be from Besem. You can find them through Etsy or at

I like Besem because they are a green family owned business. They make their own cold process soap and natural palm/beeswax candles. Their palm wax/oil is sustainably sourced (instead of destroying a fragile ecosystem) and their beeswax is from local bee farm. They use high quality fragrance oils too. They also donate 10% of their profits to orphan relief. So it was an easy decision to make for me to support their company with my business! Since I am new to their products and wasn't sure which scent Id like, I decided to try out their sample set. It comes with 6 bars of your choice, and they are each 1/4 the size of a regular bar. For a small business making their own products, the $11 price tag was very reasonable. I was also surprised with a 7th bar of sample soap in my box. I think free samples are not only exciting to receive, but a wonderful way to charm your customers and get them to try a product/scent they might not otherwise think to purchase. I also loved the handwritten note Wendy (the owner) wrote to thank me!

The 6 soaps I ordered (pictured in two separate photos above) were Pink Grapefruit, Almond Honey & Oats, Cinnamon Spice, Ultimate Travel Bar (which is good for hair, face, and body!), Sweet Anisette (smells like black licorice and contains active charcoal so its great for your face), and Lavender Harvest (also suitable for face). The freebie she included was Lemon Tea. They all smell amazing! I am excited to get in the shower and try them out! I will let you all know more as I try them all out but so far I am very pleased!

Thanks again for reading. I hope everyone has been doing well. Keep safe and warm, Ill be back soon!


  1. Those soaps look so nice! I'm a soap fiend and always looking for natural artisanal soaps to try. Definitely let us know how you like them. :)

  2. Ella - Im really enjoying them so far! Ive been using the free one she sent (Lemon Tea) for washing my hands in the bathroom. It smells yummy (think lemon pez candy) and my hand feel nice afterwards. This is my first experiance with truly natural soap, and Im amazed at how well the soap lathers! Why would they ever add SLS to products when they foam so well by themselves? lol I definetly plan to buy some more soap from them (and perhaps some candles for holiday gifts), I just have to decide which sent I like best!


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