Monday, December 14, 2009

I Fear the Future

I started this blog with plans to make it about me. To write about the things I care about. Lately I have been posting about makeup and Aromaleigh, which is great btw but still it is just one thing. I always talk to my husband and vent about things that bother me, or post on Facebook about something I think of. Silly me always forgets about sharing it on my blog. Perhaps out of some laziness, perhaps because I fear the strangers out there who read this will condemn me for my beliefs. Who knows? Anyway, I was just thinking about the state of our economy and national debt, and had this crazy notion I should share my thoughts here! This is a bit of a messy rant, so bear with me. This is not a polished essay, but rather me spilling my heart.

I was thinking about how our education system is failing, our health care system is faltering, and our national debt is rising. And then I thought about how millions of people still show up for sports games, and the latest movie craze. I got to thinking, why do we pay athletes and actors sooooo much? I know they work hard too, but they don't really give back (save for a few who do charity work..which is still only like 1% of the millions they have). What if we took those millions that they just piddle away on Escalades and dog fighting, mansions and cocaine, and put it into our education system? Our children are our future, right? If we paid teachers better and funded the schools then there would be no pink slips and cuts, no shortage of electives, and no reason for teachers to stop giving a damn. No excuse from kids about giving up since college isn't an option anyway. They would have confidence and drive instead. Or maybe we could feed the poor? I know, I know. Those celebrities 'earned' their money, but Id say the percentage of what they deserve is inflated. Do you know how many starving people we could feed? How many foster kids or homeless animals we could help?

So maybe I sound a bit socialist, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, but honestly I am talking strictly about careers of excess. I'm not talking about rich doctors, lawyers, business owners. I'm talking about people who kick a ball around, which many of us have fun doing for free. I'm talking about all these rappers who buy fat gold chains and even with all their money feel the need to break the law and do drugs. The football players who can buy happiness, but throw their money in on dog fighting rings. I don't care what I am branded as, I know my ideas have their flaws, but whats wrong with being an optimist? I am all for people having their riches, but I think that if our economy is in the shitter yet they can drive their Porsche and cruise on their yachts while the world collapses around us, that there is something obviously wrong.

Here is a little story for you....Before moving to Washington for the Air Force, I worked at an elementary school in California. I LOVED my job in the after school program helping kids. I didn't care about the money, it got me by. I just took so much joy in it that I would've done it for free. So many of those children have been forgotten by their parents, their teachers, and they fail and fall behind without anyone batting an eye. They say to me they don't care because they cant afford college anyway. I fear many of them will end up in prison. But doesn't anyone realize that funding education is significantly cheaper than funding the prison system?!? I helped many of them turn their grades around, renewed their spirits and hope for the future, and many of them thanked me. They said if it wasn't for me, they would have dropped out or skipped school. That they would have settled for less. It broke my heart that those feelings ever crossed their minds, but it melted my heart knowing the difference I made. But even still, despite my greatest efforts, the high school many are now attending this new school year has few electives. It has low standards for passing. They'll pass you with F's because they need your seat for the next round of kids. They are like cattle, they are just numbers. They are cutting senior projects, field trips to colleges, all because there is no money in the system. Some of these kids don't even know their multiplication tables. Its sad. And when one kid struggles, instead of helping them they just set their expectations lower. If there has been this much change since I was in school a few years ago, what will my son have?

My sons name is Kaelen. He is two years old. I fear for his future, not because of the war in the middle east, but because it is likely no one will give a damn about his education but me. He is not ready for school yet but Ive already begun to think about it. I have considered homeschooling, but even that is required to follow the standards the state gives (my sister is home schooled and I have found it to be nearly as bad as the school she went to), and still has many limitations. I have considered private school, but it is unlikely we could afford it or even find one near us. I only want what is best for him, as most parents want for their children. But we are still held back by the options we are given. And as every day passes the options seem to grow dimmer. I fear that my son may grow up in a very bleak world. Our economy is failing, our environment is poisoned, our government does not care, and wars continue to wage. What is there to offer my son? What can I do to help? These are the things I wonder every day, every hour. And silly me posts blogs about makeup. Silly me keeps my mouth shut, for fear of stepping on toes. Silly me is going to feel really bad when the stories I tell my son when he is older, is that I didn't even speak out. So that is why I write this. It is time for change. It is mostly an outlet for me to vent my fear, frustration, and grief over all of this. But if it can help one person, make one person think about it, then I have made a difference.

***Feel free to comment, I would love to hear the voice of others, but please keep it polite and respectful. I understand not all people will agree or see my point. But remember, this is my blog. It is a place for me to share my thoughts, not for you to hate on me. I put it here out of kindness, I do not push my beliefs nor judge others for their differing views. And as the old saying goes, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I hope all of you are well and staying warm this winter! Yours Truly, Ashley.

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