Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aromaleigh's New Hi-Fi Matte Collection

I've had the privilege of being sent a sample set of Aromaleigh's 20 new retro colors. Now when most of you think of matte colors, you think of simple and neutral day looks, but these colors are bright and vivid! The colors remind me a lot of my childhood, when I would draw on the driveway and sidewalks with chalk. However, it is ONLY the colors that remind me, these do not feel chalky whatsoever! My swatches are below, starting from the left: Spaz, Cranked (hint of shimmer), Got Dibs, Kookie, Supermurgatroid, Big Tickle, Flip Your Lid, Train Wreck, What's Shakin'?, Heels On Fire, In The Mix, and Fake Out.

My second photo below, which is swatched on the top of my forearm (my skin is darker here than on the photo above) includes the following(right from left this time LOL): Cats Pajamas, Real Gone, Smokin', Ankle Biter, Radioactive, Cool It, Daddy-O, and In Orbit (hint of shimmer).

I am not that experienced with makeup so I often shy away from mattes because Ive found them more difficult to work with, and some of the ones I have tried were disappointing. Because of this I usually gravitate towards shimmer. However a good matte color is always useful, even if just used as a base for adding the sparkle! I am a fan of Miss K and Aromaleigh, and have tried a couple samples of her other matte collections, but with my lack of makeup knowledge and with only one semi decent eyeshadow brush, I was lost as how to apply them well. So for awhile I gave up, even though I loved the colors she offered. But given the opportunity to be sent this new collection, I decided it would be worth another go. And I am glad I tried them, because they are gorgeous and wearable. I am not sure if the formula is the same as her previous matte collections, but I am finding these ones much easier to work with. Perhaps its because they are so darn bright and lovely, that I just cant screw it up! LOL So far I have worn Kookie and Spaz, and I really like both. I am also very fond of purples, so I cant wait to try all the of the purples that are in this collection!

I really think that this collection has a color for everyone. There are some dark yet bold colors, as well as light and bright ones. There is even a hint of sparkle/shimmer to a couple colors! They apply smoothly, and it does not take much product to get the desired look. With a good primer, they stay well. I have oily lids so worn alone I did get creasing, but that may not be an issue for everyone. This collection makes me want to go back and try out her previous matte collections to see what I was doing wrong. I am thinking I just need to invest in a better set of brushes! So would I recommend this product? Yes! If you love bright and bold then you'll enjoy these. If you love Aromaleigh, you'll enjoy these. Or if you are willing to try something new, I am betting you'll enjoy these! They are fun and perky, which is great for the dreary winter ahead. I wouldn't call them my favorites (who can really have a favorite when there are nearly 500 colors to choose from!) but I'm really glad Miss K made these rather than sticking to the normal holiday shades. You can find this collection, as well as many others, at Aromaleigh.com!

Thanks again for reading. I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving (or if you dont celebrate, I hope you enjoyed the break!) and I wish you all Happy Holidays and a warm, safe winter!

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