Thursday, April 21, 2011


I can't tell you how long it's been since I've posted...okay, so I can. I am sure there is a date stamp on my last post. I am just too lazy to go check. All I know is that I announced I would be moving to Germany. Well, a lot has changed since that. For one, I am actually IN Germany now! Believe it or not, we have been here 6 months and one week. Life has changed so much in these last few months. Originally I gave up on my blog because I felt I had nothing interesting going on to talk about. I am also lazy and easily distracted lol. However, now that we are situated here and good weather is upon us, I feel there is so much more to share. Besides, it may be the perfect outlet for me so I can spare my husbands ears, and my friend's Facebook feeds!

So where to start? There is so much to catch up on! First of all, I am due in 2 weeks and 4 days with a precious baby girl. No name chosen yet, yes I know we are slackers. My son Kaelen is now 3.5 years old, he outsmarts me daily and amazes me in every moment. The pending arrival of our baby is bittersweet. I will miss Kaelen being my one and only, I worry about how I will share my focus. I worry he will feel less loved, or ignored. However, when I watch him interact with the pointy feet and elbows protruding from my sides I know how wrong I am. He is going to be an amazing big brother, and I will be ever more proud of him. I know that I can love them both, and they will each be special in their own ways. I look forward to the journey!

Of course, right now I am just running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Despite being a parent already, and having pretty much all we needed without having to even shop this time around, I feel unprepared. I know it can't be avoided, I am facing a huge change. I am also juggling another child and full time college! I must be insane, but I seem to do my best work this way. I am sure we will be fine. Actually, to be honest, I am very exciting about her arrival. Last time I was in such denial that I would ever have to do the hard part and give birth lol but this time I am looking forward to it. No, I am no masochist, I do not look forward to the pain. But I am looking forward to the experiance this time. At approximately 35 weeks I decided I couldn't bare to dump Kaelen off on a friend (and am not really close with anyone just yet anyhow) while I'm in the hospital. I also was very unhappy with my care at the military hospital here. So I contacted a doula service and was connected with an amazing lady who is working towards her certification. I get to be her second birth experiance as a doula, I feel really happy being able to help her with her goal. Anyway, my lovely doula gave me a lot of wonderful info and I realized I DO have choices! So to make the story short(er), I am now going to a German hospital. The staff there is amazing and totally in line with my beliefs and wants (including a labor tub OMG!), and my precious Kaelen and husband will be allowed to stay the night with me in a private room. I could not be happier!

Other than my pregnancy - which has been wonderful, minus the part at 10 weeks when we moved from the West coast overseas and I had some hellacious morning sickness - I have just been busy with said college (finals next week for 3 of my 5 courses!), making/hanging out with friends (there are some awesome ladies here!), and exploring Germany (so far just some stores and a castle). I also FINALLY got my USAREUR license so I can legally drive here. Put it off for months! We also bought a second vehicle, our first manual, so I don't have to be trapped at home all the time while hubby works. I will drive our automatic though, at least until I learn how to drive a clutch! I am also trying to get my garden started up for summer, I would like to get it done before baby arrives lol.

All in all, I don't think I could be any happier right now. Life is going really well for us, for once. We have a huge German house out in a quiet town, with an equally huge yard (and pool!) and lots of nature nearby. Between PCS reimbursment and taxes we were able to pay off debt as well as buy our second car and some other fancy things like a new couch and a DSLR camera (must have something nice for photographing Europe!). Even bought a trampoline, which I am pretty sure made my son's year lol. My marriage is content, my son is a prodigy (okay, maybe not but he is way ahead on milestones!), my pregnancy has gone smooth (and I am glowing so much I have been offered 3 maternity modeling gigs. Can you say ego boost?!), our landlords leave us alone, and heck....I live in Europe. I really can't complain! I do miss family and friends back home, but with all the leave my husband has accrued I am sure we will visit this fall after we spend our summer vacationing in the many amazing places Europe has to offer!

So yes, that sums it up. Sorry if that is too much reading. I am going to just treat this post as a journal entry, so I won't be offended if you get bored and don't finish it all hehe. I am just glad to "be back" so to speak. I hope that I can stick with it more, everyone keeps telling me I should. Only time will tell, but one thing I can say is feels good to get it all out! Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful spring weekend with whatever plans they may have for Easter or otherwise. May you be blessed with sunny skies, a cool breeze, some good eats and great companionship! Tschüss!

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