Wednesday, January 27, 2010


All four books I ordered have all finally arrived! I cannot wait to share my thoughts, but first I must read up. I have had a few recommendations towards other books as well, but I am putting any more on hold until I get through these four. I have been very eager to dive into these books, but I seem to find a distraction at every turn. From dealing with the DMV from out of state and trying to get our smog waved, to trying to file our taxes for the first time on our own. What a pain being an adult is! On a good note I did get an appointment set finally for my vision. I am nearsighted and in moving I lost my glasses. The DMV also never sent me my new license, so between having no proof of a DL and my vision impaired I am nervous to drive even the shortest of distances! So I rely on my husband, which means I only get errands done when he is off work (these errands are the bulk of my distraction from reading). Its a vicious cycle for sure, but soon it will all be resolved I hope and then I can get cozy with some good reading and forget all my woes!

Until then, stay safe and warm! And remember to appreciate the little things and let everyone know you love and care about them!

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